Tue / 26 September 2023

Fall Hikes in San Francisco

Fall in San Francisco is a magical time; it’s a wonderful time of year to get outdoors and enjoy all that the region has to offer.

We’ve listed a few local favorites just past Jasper’s doorstep that you won’t want to miss this time of year.  So lace up those boots, grab some hydration to-go and welcome the new fall season as you embark on any of these urban mini-adventures.

Lands End: One of the best hikes in all of San Francisco, this trail offers hikers plenty of options. This park is within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, with a series of stunning views at every turn in this wild and windy trail. View hillsides of cypress and wildflowers, views of shipwrecks and more. Check out the Sutro Baths and the rock labyrinth, wander up to the Legion of Honor, or head all the way from the Lands End Lookout to Eagles Point near Sea Cliff. The latter hike is almost 1.5 miles and offers views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the ocean.

John McLaren Park: This is a wonderful venue to explore scenic meadows with native plants and wildlife, grassland and wetland habitat. Discover San Francisco’s second-largest park with plenty of hiking trails, including the thought-provoking Philosopher’s Way, a 2.7-mile loop trail. More than 7 miles of walking trails await you through its 312 acres. Along the way you’ll find the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, a golf course, McNab Lake and the Coffman Pool.

Mt. Davidson Park: Mt. Davidson is the highest natural point in San Francisco. The 40-acre mountain-top park is laced with several trails that crisscross the hill, which offer expansive sweeping views of Twin Peaks and the City. Mt. Davidson has plenty of natural and recreational resources.

Mount Sutro: Escape your urban habitat.  Hiking Mount Sutro Forest is a different experience than almost anywhere else in the city. The leafy labyrinth is heavily shaded under the tall trees, some of which are 100-200 feet high, giving hikers a sense of being in an old and wonderful place. When Karl The Fog rolls in, it may be the most beautiful place in the City. The mist wraps the tops of the trees towering overhead while you walk through the trails of a fresh wet forest in its self-contained rain. A number of trails go into the woods, from various points around the mountain.

Happy Hiking.

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