Fri / 7 April 2023

New Park Coming to The East Cut

Our ever-evolving neighborhood is about to get a wonderful addition;  the East Cut is getting a brand new park.

Our friends at The East Cut made the exciting announcement recently on Instagram. They are asking for your help to name the new park.

Join The East Cut on Tuesday, April 18th from 6-7 pm at the 200 Folsom Street common room to share your thoughts on the final four options: Coffee Park, East Cut Park, Candace Park, or Pelican Park.

At this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the planning process, construction timeline, and the design of the park.

Please let them know if you’re coming by reserving a spot on Eventbrite. Exciting news indeed.

Below you will find a short list of relaxing and wonderful parks nearby Jasper but you can never have too many parks, so we are exciting about the news.

Rincon Dog Park – 0.4 miles from Jasper

Salesforce Park – 0.4 miles from Jasper

Rincon Park – 0.6 miles from Jasper

Yerba Buena Gardens – 0.6 miles from Jasper

Image credit: The East Cut

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