Fri / 8 May 2020

Happy at Home

Make home a little happier. Instead of focusing on the list of what you can’t do, here are things you’ll love doing in your Jasper home.

Museum at Home. Missing the museums? Experience some of the best collections from the comfort of your own Jasper residence with help of Google Arts and Culture, YouTube, Virtual Tours and more. You can experience incredible exhibits without leaving your home. We’ve rounded up a few local spots to get your art fix.

Hone a Culinary Craft. Utilize your beautiful Jasper kitchen and craft up some delicious homemade meals! Minutes away, Woodlands Market can offer up a variety of options to help. While you’re stocking up, don’t forget Woodlands Pet Shop is your one-stop shop for all your animal companions’ needs. Getting your fresh fruits, veggies, and farmers market finds just got easier, thanks to CUESA! You can now support local farmers and food makers by pre-ordering a week’s worth of fresh food for contactless curbside pickup at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, just a mile from your door at Jasper.

Take-Out for Date Night. If you are lucky enough to be SIP with a significant other, schedule a regular date night and support your favorite local spot. More and more of our favorites from the Ferry Building and beyond are opening each day.

Get it Delivered. Whether you’re looking to order essential groceries or food from your favorite neighborhood restaurants – you can have it delivered to your doorstep! We’ve rounded up a few options for you.

Embrace your Green Thumb. The city is full of nurseries, florists and spots to grab greenery to fill your Jasper home, including Flora Grubb. Find your favorite spot and stock up on succulents and beautiful houseplants to add a pop of color in your space. Because we could all use a little plant therapy right now, @lilplantboss is always sharing little lovelies with us. From adding a splash of color to making your apartment feel more welcoming and alive, there are a multitude of reasons to incorporate plants into your Jasper apartment home decor. View the best plants:

Stay Connected. Reach out virtually to friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to check in and chat with someone who is isolated.

Step Out. Mask up and take a stroll in our Jasper neighborhood. What better way to start your weekend than with a walk along the Embarcadero, a stroll through the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, or a trip to the stunning Salesforce Park.

At Jasper, we cherish the amenities we enjoy both at home and in the neighborhood. Sitting atop Rincon Hill, our favorite neighbors are conveniently located from The Embarcadero to South Beach and the entire East Cut, plus SoMa. Everyone has a favorite go-to spot and most of us have created relationships IRL with the people behind the places we frequent. You don’t even have to leave home to support your favorite San Francisco spots. We’ve rounded up a few foodie favorites that offer gift cards online. Purchase now for a future gift or visit! #wereinthistogether

Sincerely Yours
Jasper is a convergence. Of structure and imagination. Of the classic and the eclectic. Of art and life. This 400-foot high-rise apartment building crowns San Francisco’s fabled Rincon Hill and stands as an iconic addition to the city skyline. It is a statement about elegance in a place where elegance actually means something. Be sure to follow Jasper on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram as we share news and updates about our exciting new community.  #rentjasper It’s a heck of a place to call home.

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