Sun / 24 November 2019

Ittoryu Gozu Comes to The East Cut

The local food scene is one of the best in the City.  And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better along comes a new restaurant sure to get the foodie community excited.  Much-anticipated Ittoryu Gozu is now open for business.

So what can you expect at the new restaurant?  From their website:

The Gozu dining experience features Wagyu from around the world, including Japan. We feature two separate tasting menus to appeal to those who appreciate a more Wagyu-forward experience, as well as those looking to explore a culinary journey.

GOZU is a tasting experience developed by chef Marc Zimmerman and partner Benjamin Jorgensen. GOZU is deeply focused on elevating the wagyu breed while displaying its versatility and nuance through the preparation of the animal in its entirety.

They also have a whisky lounge featuring a separate and intimate setting for people looking to explore an array of beverages, including rare Japanese and Scotch Whisky. The setting is an intimate one as the lounge is limited to 12 seats situated around a beautiful table meant to invite a relaxing conversation.

The new restaurant has caught the eye of media with a nice write-up on sf.eater and made The Best Dishes Eater Editors Ate This Week article as well.

Although Ittoryu Gozu has only been open a short time, yelpers are loving and sharing their experience:

I came in for a pre-opening event this past week, not knowing quite what to expect. This place is a magic oasis for high-end food and drinks with knowledgeable, intimate service.  As soon as you walk in you can smell the aromatic scent of wood burning from their open flame stove. Every single employee in this restaurant cares about the little details that make the dishes unforgettable and the atmosphere welcoming. – Alexandra R.

My dinner at Ittoryu Gozu last night was mesmerizing!  The interior of this new restaurant is minimalist and soothing.  The hostess was friendly and courteous.  After I was seated, I was greeted and attended promptly.  The horseshoe shaped dining counter is spaciously designed with great view of the kitchen activities.  It’s entertaining.  I like their choice of music played last night as well.  I think they were classical and jazz. – Gina W.

Absolutely LOVE this place! My boyfriend and I went a couple days before it opened and it’s now my favorite restaurant in SF! We got the Gozu experience, which comes with 10-12 meals. I was scared I won’t be able to finish but they come in relatively small portions so I ate every single dish!  All the chefs are from Alexander’s steak house so they def know how to cook their meat! Really appreciate that they don’t use a stove but cook from real fire with charcoal.

Some of our favorite things about the restaurant:
1) Loved the ambiance – very intimate and loved how it’s not overcrowded. There’s maybe only ~15 seatings around the kitchen.
2) Blow fish with wagyu bacon – best dish from their course menu
3) Wagyu skewers – melts in your mouth! They also get their Wagyu from a small farm in Hokkaido, Japan   – Yurika Y.

Learn more by visiting the Ittoryu Gozu website and Instagram feed.

Happy dining.

Image credit: Ittoryu Gozu Instagram

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