Thu / 14 November 2019

Experience Local Michelin Rated Restaurants

When you live at Jasper the entire City is your playground, with incredible dining and cultural venues mere steps from your door.  Regrading dining, the local food scene doesn’t disappoint with 3 Michelin rated restaurants less than 0.6 miles from your home in The East Cut.

Boasting 3 Michelin stars and rated 47th in the world, Benu offer a fixed menu that features a wide variety of seafood and vegetables, a few meat courses, and some sweets. Please plan three hours for your dinner. With advance notice, they are happy to adjust the menu to accommodate certain dietary restrictions. If you have previously dined at Benu under a different name, they can plan a new menu for you. – Website

Mourad is a modern interpretation of a cuisine deeply rooted in the past. Their food pays homage to those roots, showcasing the rich and vibrant flavors of Morocco in new ways that harmonize with the fresh, local, artisanal ingredients, and the spirit of innovation of Northern California.

Located at 140 New Montgomery (cross street Minna), in the newly renovated PacBell Building, Mourad graciously features authentic Moroccan design in modern interpretation, being in perfect harmony with the cuisine. – Website

In Situ
An exhibition restaurant at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art which brings together a revolving collection of culinary influencers, innovators, and icons to make their contributions accessible for greater public engagement. This collaborative project reimagines the traditional model of a restaurant to offer a unique cultural experience within the museum. – Website

We are truly fortunate to live in such a wonderful location.  Happy dining.

Image credit: Benu on Vimeo


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