Wed / 20 November 2019

Exploring the new 49 Mile Scenic Route

Life can get busy, so busy that we often forget to take the time to experience all the beauty that the region has to offer.  So if you have family in town for the holidays or just want to take in a bit more of the City we love to call “home”, explore the new 49 Mile Scenic Route.

Now we understand that 49 Miles is quite the daunting task, but fear not, a recent SF Chronicle article breaks it down into manageable venues, perfect for an afternoon of exploration. From the article:

We’re no longer imagining this as a do-it-in-one-day kind of thing, except for ambitious bicyclists. With cars no longer involved, we see the route as a pedestrian-friendly tour of San Francisco that can be broken into multiple segments, with aid from public transit.

The article breaks down the 49 Miles into bike/walk/transit-friendly sections ideal for a few hours or a half-day of exploration.  The short spans are given clever names and short descriptions of what you will experience along the way; they even list the distance and Instagrammables along the route to make the most of your day.

There is also a recommendation of a book, “Walking San Francisco’s 49 Mile Scenic Drive” to aid in your urban adventures.  A supporting app to make the information digital and convenient is also available.

About #TotalSF

The 49 Mile Scenic Route is part of the #TotalSF project, founded by San Francisco Chronicle culture critic Peter Hartlaub and San Francisco columnist Heather Knight, to celebrate the fun and whimsy of San Francisco.


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