Wed / 17 July 2019

The East Cut in the News

The East Cut is catching the interest and attention of San Francisco and beyond.  A recent SFchronicle article, Hey old San Francisco, meet new San Francisco: the East Cut and Thrive City, showcases the district we love to call “home”.

Besides the lifestyle and amenity options described, the connectivity of the two districts was highlighted in the article:

…it’s easy if you walk down Second to the ballpark and catch a T-Third Muni car heading south. The Muni stop at 16th Street has been renamed. Now it’s Chase Center.

This is the heart of what will be Thrive City by this fall. Now there are almost-finished black glass towers, reflecting the summer sunlight. And behind them, Chase Center, which is bigger than you might expect, the largest arena ever built in the city.

“This is a part of the city most people don’t frequent,” said Warriors President Rick Welts. But just you wait.

The 11-acre plaza around the area will have restaurants, bars, an ice rink, a farmers’ market, even yoga classes. “It will be transformational,” Welts said.

Dynamic and Vibrant.  The East Cut boasts glass towers juxtaposed against some of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks. If you walk around, you’ll witness sprinklings of large green open spaces (with more to come) and a view of dancing lights racing across the Bay Bridge at night.

Much like the city at large, the East Cut is animated by a vibrant cosmopolitan spirit that celebrates the grand promise of urban living – constant motion and evolution, serendipitous encounters and unanticipated inspiration. The East Cut is a neighborhood layered with a deep history that epitomizes an ever more dynamic future.

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Less than 2 miles from your front door at Jasper, Thrive City awaits.  Located in the heart of Mission Bay, Thrive City is a dynamic new community gathering space created by the Golden State Warriors and Kaiser Permanente to promote health and wellness in the greater Bay Area. The beautiful open-air district offers a year-round resource for families, fans, visitors and neighbors to build community at a variety of festivals, farmers markets, dining experiences, community events and more.

Thrive City was built upon Kaiser Permanente’s and the Golden State Warriors’ shared belief that everyone has the ability to thrive. The two organizations created this unique community gathering space as a resource for the entire Bay Area that also reflects the vibrant spirit of the Mission Bay district.

Learn more at or the Chase Center Facebook Page.

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