Tue / 9 July 2019

Transbay Terminal Park Reopens to Public

The City has been anxiously awaiting the reopening of the nearby Transbay Terminal.  Earlier this month residents and visitors alike were able to experience the rooftop park as it opened to the public the beginning of July.

The SF Chronicle covered the reopening of this public space in a recent article, describing what visitors will experience when visiting:

“Gondola ride and fresh paving aside, the most striking change is the park’s profusion of flowers and shrubs and everything green.

Left to itself and to gardeners, the rooftop landscape designed by PWP Landscape Architecture has flourished. Lavender beds are fragrant, and clusters of birds of paradise spike up as colorful flocks. Maple trees are thick with delicate leaves. Ivy is beginning to shroud the concrete walls that hold elevators and a restaurant-to-be.”

It’s nice to see the reopening of a vast, public green space in the heart of the neighborhood we love to call “home”.

What could make this news better?  A recent hoodline article covers the news that transit is commencing at the new Terminal as well, connecting the region and beyond.  Get all the details here.

It’s a great time to be living at Jasper in the East Cut.

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