Mon / 11 December 2023

Winter Fun at Union Square

There is something magical about ice skating during the holiday season and San Francisco doesn’t disappoint as the city’s favorite outdoor rink in nearby Union Square is back with daily ice skating for all ages. Head to Union Square for a wonderful winter experience sure to be a hit with all in attendance. The rink is open daily through January 15, 2024.

Below are all the details that will make your experience of Ice Skating in Union Square a memorable experience!  Be sure to visit the official site for all the details.

Skating Duration

  • 1 Hour Session
  • 10am – 11pm Daily

Online bookings are required this year to enjoy a one-hour skating session. General admission is $20, and children 8 and under are $15, including skate rental. Purchase tickets in advance and online.

Ice Skates
Skates are included with admission. Figure and hockey skate sizes range from toddler’s size 8 to adult’s size 15. You may also bring your own ice skates.

Skate Helpers
For beginning skaters under 48″ tall, we offer Skate Helpers: Penguin & Polar Bear Helpers that glide with the skater along the ice and helps with balance and control. Skaters must be able to stand on their own and push the Helper by themselves. Others cannot push them. For safety considerations, Skate Helpers cannot be rented to anyone over 48″ tall and are rented at the discretion of the Rink Manager.

Lockers are available to rent for $5. They are large enough to hold a couple of pairs of shoes, a medium-size handbag and a few small purchases.

What to Wear
As with most activities in San Francisco, the key to comfortable ice skating in Union Square is to wear layers; the temperature on the ice may range from chilly to warm, depending on the time of day, the number of skaters and the amount of energy one exerts. Mittens and hats always help. They do sell both mittens and socks if you need them.

We’ll see you on the ice!

Image Credit: Union Square Rink on Facebook

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