Tue / 14 November 2023

Thanksgiving Made Easy

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather with family and friends but the holiday season can be a very hectic time of year. If you find yourself in need of inspiration or culinary ideas this Thanksgiving season, we have created a helpful list from local sources throughout the city. 

Here is a short list of locally-inspired Thanksgiving guides sure to make your dinner a hit with all.

The San Francisco Chronicle Thanksgiving Guide
An in-depth collection of recipes for your holiday meal. The classic recipes are here as well as less traditional dishes that reflect the Bay Area’s rich diversity.

7 Smart Side Dishes for a Healthy Thanksgiving
There are a variety of ways to enjoy a healthy holiday, from ingredient substitutes in your favorite dishes to newly beloved meal traditions.

Decadent Stuffing Recipes From San Francisco Chefs
For many, Thanksgiving is all about stuffing, as it is the ultimate comfort food. Explore these five recipes from esteemed local chefs to make your holiday feast delicious.

Thanksgiving: Make-ahead
From turkey to cake, these 5 recipes can streamline your kitchen duties, allowing you more time to enjoy the holiday with your guests.

Amazing Thanksgiving sides from the City’s best chefs
From mashed potatoes to a sherry-infused gravy, these recipes guarantee an amazing feast this November.

The Best Wines for Thanksgiving
For that big Thanksgiving meal, choose wines that won’t weigh you down. This article highlights some amazing wines for your meal and downplays the need for pairing.

Reinvented Thanksgiving Dishes
Enjoy these six delectable recipes from the region’s standout chefs, including Alice Waters, Michael Tusk, John Cahill, Omri Aflalo, Thomas Keller, Dominique Crenn, and Lauren Reed. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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