Sat / 8 August 2020

Up Your Indoor Plant Game

Image credit : @lilplantboss

Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home at Jasper. Interior plants provide numerous benefits; from purifying air to creating a warm and inviting setting, houseplants can really take your interior space to the next level.  We understand that not everyone has a “green thumb” so we created a short list of hardy interior plants which are easy to care for making them perfect for apartment dwellers.

Pothos – Epipremnum Aureum
These leafy green plants are perfect for hanging baskets or as a climbing plant. A great plant for beginners as it is fairly simple to grow and will thrive in a range of conditions. It is also a hardy plant that can handle a bit of neglect. You can plant this plant in soil (traditional method), but it will thrive simply in a vase full of water.  Care Guidelines

Snake Plant – Sansevieria Trifasciata
Snake plants are a great apartment plant, able to withstand weeks of neglect without losing their shape and fresh look and can thrive in environments with very low light and water. They also help purify the air by removing toxins. Care guidelines

Swiss Cheese Plant – Monstera Deliciosa
Boasting iconic split leaves, this popular houseplant is easy to grow and can get very large and live for many years, while looking great the entire time.  Minimum maintenance such as misting and cleaning of leaves will make your plant healthy and vibrant.  Note:  This plant is toxic for cats and dogs.  Care Guidelines

Spider Plant – Chlorophytum Comosum
Spider plants are easy to grow and fairly straightforward to maintain, making them an apartment dwelling favorite. A rapid grower and propagator, the spider plant is a wonderful addition to any residence.  Care Guidelines

Cacti – Cactaceae
Cacti don’t disappoint as they are available in amazing colors and wonderful shapes and sizes. These plants can survive in the desert, so plant your cacti near a window and watch it thrive. Care Guidelines

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in all things succulent.   They look great, come in a variety of shapes and colors and they are nearly indestructible and easy to propagate. All they require is a bit of sunlight and a little water.  Care Guidelines

The city is full of nurseries, florists and spots to grab greenery to fill your Jasper home, including Flora Grubb. Find your favorite spot and stock up on succulents and beautiful houseplants to add a pop of color in your space. Because we could all use a little plant therapy right now, @lilplantboss is always sharing little lovelies with us.

Do your research – If you have an indoor pet, make sure you know if your plants are toxic to dogs or cats.

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