Fri / 11 October 2019

Local Love – Rincon Hill Dog Park

Jasper understands how important your canine companion is in your life.  You do everything together, shop, relax and go on adventures.   It’s great fun to explore the City with your four-legged friend but it’s nice to take a break from the concrete and take a run in a park.  Enter Rincon Hill Dog Park.

Rincon Hill Dog Park is located at the northwest corner of Beale and Bryant Streets (486 Beale Street) and consists of a small open public plaza, state historical plaque, and off-leash small and large dog areas. The off-leash dog areas are open for public use every day from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. thanks to neighborhood volunteers who help to operate and maintain the park!


It’s nice to have the separation for smaller dogs and the park provides a wonderful space for your pup to get in some exercise.

Haven’t had a chance to visit the dog park?  Here are a few yelp reviews:

Great place to let the furry one out for some exercise! We have always had fun here, and I always am able to find someone interesting to talk to while here. – Justine J.

It’s my first time here and it’s a great park. They provide waste bags for the dogs. There two sections, one for small dogs and the other one for big dogs. It’s nice and gated and very clean. – Ofelia V.

My husky puppy and I were walking back home from downtown and stumbled across this “gem” of a dog park. We haven’t been to a dog park in a while, but I was attracted by how empty it was.  There’s a separate section for big and small dogs. We went into the small dog section first to make sure he was in an okay mood, then said hi to the shiba inu in the other part of the park. They got along!… – Stefanie C.

After a play in the park, it’s just a short two block walk to Woodlands Pet Shop, a family-owned pet company specializing in wholesome food, with a focus on carrying foods and treats with no artificial ingredients, unspecified byproducts, or fillers.  Another great, local resource when you live at Jasper

You can learn more about the Rincon Hill Dog Park on their website, Facebook page and join the fun at this Instagram location.


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