Fri / 20 September 2019

Ferry Building Undergoes Restoration Project

According to a recent article, our neighbor, The Ferry Building will be receiving a light renovation, beginning this fall. So what can we expect to see from the restoration?  Here’s a glimpse of insight from the Ferry Building Marketplace website’s restoration page:

2019 New Paint Color Selections
Hudson Pacific Properties and Allianz, in close consultation with their design consultants and the Port’s Planning and Preservation staff, selected new colors for the building that both relate to its historic roots and reflect its civic importance at the terminus of Market Street. Investigation was undertaken to uncover sections of original Colusa sandstone to use as a starting point for the new color selection. The building’s new paint color, for which Sherwin-Williams custom blended “Ferry Building Gray,” responds to the varied warm gray tones of Colusa sandstone, and will be accented by a slightly darker color for windows, trim and decorative spandrels. The new clocktower color will match the warm color of adjacent pier bulkheads to tie the building to its maritime neighbors as the crowning jewel of the San Francisco waterfront.

The renovation is scheduled to take approximately two years to complete and will not have an adverse effect on access to the Ferry Building’s shops or commuters access to the ferries.

Just because there is work being done, the fun events don’t take a break.  Here are a few upcoming fall events sure to be a hit with all:

October 6 – CUESA’s Sunday Supper: A Farm to City Feast
45 Top Chefs • 4-Course Feast • 1 Unforgettable Evening
Kick off the night with hors d’oeuvres, hand-crafted drinks, and a behind-the-scenes peek at the action-packed kitchen.  Gather in the Grand Hall as the city’s top chefs present unforgettable menus using the season’s bounty, paired with specially selected wines. Enjoy a Live Auction & Silent Auction and take home one-of-a-kind packages such as exquisite private dinners with acclaimed chefs, farm getaways, and exclusive food experiences. Proceeds provide vital funds for CUESA’s Foodwise Kids and Foodwise Teens, which empower the next generation of healthy eaters.

October 19 – Free – Pop-up Sukkot & Fall Harvest Festival
Join the fun on the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market’s back plaza to celebrate Sukkot, a fall harvest festival. Enjoy the harvest bounty with seasonal crafts, cooking demos and other fun all-ages activities! You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind event that includes a special opportunity to learn about and perform the rituals of Sukkot. Build and decorate a community sukkah; shake a lulav (date palm, willow and myrtle branches) and etrog (citron fruit); create fall harvest community mandalas with Leslie Jonath, author of Foraged Art, and more!

Happy Fall!

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