Sun / 13 March 2016

Valet Services at Jasper

Living at Jasper has its advantages. Not only do you live in one of the premiere rental communities in all of the Bay Area but you also enjoy unprecedented amenities. One such amenity you will enjoy as a Jasper resident is the host of Valet Services we provide, designed to keep you and your vehicle up and running seamlessly and safely in today’s busy world. Here is a detailed look at Valet Services at Jasper.

For your convenience, we have adopted a customized residential parking technology that makes it easy to request your vehicle via phone or Crescent Heights® app in advance, reducing your waiting time to a minimum.

The Jasper Valet team is always available to assist you with any of the following services:

Windshield Repair: Our on-demand car service vendor is available to replace your windshield onsite at Jasper’s garage anytime should the need arise.

Car Wash: A clean car is a happy car (and driver). Our mobile car wash service is always at your service, reservations can be arranged via the Crescent Heights® app.

Free Repair Estimates: We help you get back up and running in no time. If you’ve been in an accident, our vendor can schedule an appointment and meet with your insurance provider once the claim has been made. Upon request, a rental car will be delivered straight to our garage for your convenience.

“30-point Inspection”: Having car issues? We have secured a flat rate of $75 for a “30 point inspection” to help you find out what’s wrong.

Tire Pressure: Keep your tires properly inflated for safety and increased efficiency. Jasper has air pressure machines available on-site to help you maintain a safer vehicle.

Extra Perk: We believe driver and auto should both be in optimal operating condition so our garage coffee machine is always ready to be your very own barista! Enjoy delicious hot drinks from coffee to cappuccino, from latte to hot chocolate, and many more.

Happy driving.

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