Thu / 2 May 2024

Pedal Away – May is Bike Month

Nothing quite compares to the joys of riding a bike.  We all have memories of the day when our family helped us take our first solo two-wheeled adventure.  It was fun, liberating and freeing all at the same time. 

That love of pedaling never leaves us, as more and more adults rediscover what makes bicycling a fun pastime as well as a sustainable mode of transportation.

Whether you are a biking pro or are considering taking up biking, then join the fun as the entire city celebrates two-wheeled transit this month as May is Bike Month.

San Francisco doesn’t disappoint and leads the way in bicycling transit. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has an entire month of events highlighting two-wheeled transit in the city. They also have an excellent resources page, covering a wide variety of topics, for all your pedaling needs.

Need a place to roll? We’ve summarized some nearby rides here.

So strap on your helmet and get riding.  And remember, be safe out there.

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