Mon / 22 January 2024

Salesforce Park Showcased as Architectural Gem

We love living in a vibrant and progressive neighborhood, surrounded by amazing culture, retail and architecture.  One nearby venue that really tops the list is Salesforce Park.  More than just a green space, this architecture gem was recently showcased in an international BBC travel article, taking the title of “Best Urban Oasis”.

Renowned San Francisco architect, Mark Cavagnero, shares his picks for the city’s top design landmarks – and how travellers can best experience them. From the article:

Part of downtown’s Salesforce Transit Center and right next to San Francisco’s 61-storey-tall Salesforce Tower, Salesforce Park is a natural oasis smack-dab in the middle of an urban centre.

“It’s a beautiful, elevated park that’s about four blocks long and located 70ft up in the air,” Cavagnero said.

While Cavagnero and his team designed the plaza in front of it, architect Peter Walker and his firm, PWP Landscape Architecture, dreamed up the park itself: a 5.4-acre expanse with 600 trees, 16,000 plants and 13 botanically diverse ecosystems. 

“What distinguishes it from many of San Francisco’s other parks is that it’s almost like it’s been carved right into a forest of high-rises,” Cavagnero said. “This park is urban, it’s downtown, and it’s very San Francisco.” 

We have to agree. Jasper residents love having Salesforce Park a mere 0.4 miles from their front door. Just a few city blocks and you are at this architectural highlight.

Image Credit: Salesforce Park

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