Thu / 10 September 2020

Tips for Hanging Art

You found it, you bought it, you love it – now you just need to figure out how and where to show it off. We’ve gathered a few tips to make hanging your photos, fun prints, and expressive paintings a little bit easier. Blank walls be gone!

If you haven’t purchased your art yet, you may be asking:

What size art should I buy?

Determine where you want to place your art and measure the space.You need to make sure the piece of wall art you choose is appropriately sized for the spot where it’s going to be placed. If you’re hanging your art above furniture, the golden rule is to hang it one-hand’s width above the piece. Art hung over a piece of furniture should not be wider than the width of the furniture, a general principle being that the art should be about 50-75% the width of the furniture.

When hanging two art pieces, treat them as one and still hang them 57-60 inches from the floor to the center of the grouping. This rule also applies to groups of three and four. Make sure they are spaced only a few inches apart, so they look together and not disconnected.

Pro tip: Color may be the most important factor when choosing artwork. It will set the mood of the room.

Where do I hang my art?

As a general rule of thumb, always consider the scale of your space when hanging art. To fill a large horizontal space, hang two vertical pieces of art next to each other. To fill a large vertical space, hang two horizontal pieces of art on top of one another.

How high do I hang my art?

Popular opinion is it’s best to follow the gallery model and hang art at eye level and 57-60 inches from center to the floor. Think of your wall as if it’s divided into four horizontal sections (from the floor to the ceiling). Hang your art in the third section (from the floor). Generally, the piece of art or the collection should be in the same shape and orientation of the wall that it is trying to fill.

Pro tip: Trace your wall art on a piece of paper, creating a template to use. Make a mark on the template to show where the picture wire or hook will be by measuring out the same distance as from the wire to the top of the frame. With the marking-side out, match up the nail mark on your template to the nail mark on the wall and secure it in place with tape. This will give you a chance to step back and see how the wall art will look from farther away.

What if I have several pieces I want to hang in the same area?

Go for a gallery wall! Be bold and use an odd number of art, mix photos with drawings and paintings, mix and match picture frames, and even toss your favorite clock or mirror in there. Choose a center item first at 57-60 inches and then build your layout around it.

Pro-tip: Trace templates for all pieces you want to include in your gallery wall and arrange them on the wall with painter’s tape before you commit to the placement. 

Once you’re done choosing and hanging artwork in your Jasper home, it’s time to step back and admire.

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