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Up Your At-Home Boba Game

As you find yourself spending more time at home, you may experience a bit of withdrawals for your favorite boba drink.  Not to worry as your boba options just got a lot better with the news of the release of a new Boba Guys book. This beautifully photographed and designed cookbook and guide to the cultural phenomenon that is boba, or bubble tea, features recipes and reflections from San Francisco’s local Boba Guys.

A brief summary from their website will give you a primer on what to expect.

In The Boba Book, the Boba Guys will show fans and novices alike how they can make their (new) favorite drink at home through clear step-by-step guides. Here are the recipes that people line up for–from the classics like Hong Kong Milk Tea, to signatures like the Strawberry Matcha Latte and the coffee-laced Dirty Horchata. For the Boba Guys, boba is Taiwanese, it’s Japanese, it’s Mexican, it’s all that and more–which means it’s all-American.

SF Eater recently wrote an excellent article on the topic and describes the book:

“True to the brand, the design and illustrations are minimal and thoughtful, with touches of millennial pink and line-drawn illustrations, which let the drinks pop, with their multi-layered colors, pretty pearls, and slow pours. The design captures conversations between the co-authors in blue and green text bubbles, bouncing through the text like a chat with friends. There are some indulgences for first-time authors, with digressions in the intro and headnotes that run long. Regardless, it’s fascinating to trace the journey of this wildly popular drink, from the first tea grown in the East, to sweetening with milk and sugar in the UK, to slipping in a few pearls in Taiwan in the ‘80s, and finally, bouncing back to become an Asian-American cultural sensation in the Bay. And it’s fun to hear it from these guys! Our own locals, who are playing with different flavors and toppings for a long line of diverse people in San Francisco today.”

So what do people think about the new book?  From the following reviews it looks like it’s a huge success:

I don’t write reviews but felt compelled to write this one. The Boba Book is fantastic. Easy to read, funny, great pictures, and wonderful recipes that make you feel like a pro. Just be ready to buy all the tools and ingredients mentioned… you’ll want it all. Extremely well done. – Crystal

I love this book! They break the recipes into components so it’s easy to add more or less flavor or sweet. I have made bubble tea before and I still learned a lot. Would recommend! – Emily

I was taken aback at how well done this book is. It’s visually stunning so if you want a great gift for the boba lover – this is it. It’s a great coffee table book. Then the content is like the Joy of Cooking or Julia Child’s Art of French Cooking book but in this case it’s boba. It is that well done. Soup to nuts or milk to booze. The authors tell you about the history of boba, layout the needed making parts, recipes (stunning pictures), explaining ingredients and the compliment is their personal antidotes throughout (speech bubbles were a nice add). You feel like they are talking to you about what their passion is boba and maybe you’ll join the enjoyment too. – D Lee

Visit their website and learn how you too can become a boba expert.

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