Sun / 9 December 2018

Up Your Fitness Game with Jimmy Shiba, Jasper’s Fitness Director and Master Trainer

Jasper has raised the bar for five-star service, bringing a unique, progressive approach to the art of hospitality. Team Jasper’s unique holistic approach covers all aspects of daily life for our residents.  It’s not just a pretty building, we offer fully-amenitized lifestyle options for those looking to call the City “Home”.

This holistic approach includes healthy lifestyle options.  For those who are interested in starting a new fitness routine or up your existing program, look no further than Fitness Director and Master Trainer, Jimmy Shiba. Jimmy was good enough to take time to share a little insight into his position and dealings at Rincon Hill’s premiere rental community.

What inspired you to begin a career in physical fitness?
– Passion. I love the process of changing my physical and mental state through fitness, and I love the opportunity to give that same experience to others.

3 bits of advice for someone who’s never tried training are:
1. Understand what “training” means to you.
There are unlimited styles of training out there. Having self awareness on what works/doesn’t work for you is crucial to understanding if a particular training style is going to work for you. Use your past as a guiding tool.

2. Find unique ways to track progress.
Step counters, watches, oxygen masks, and other technology will come and go. They can help guide you on your fitness journey by collecting data. But fitness is infinitely bigger than some numbers on a screen. It’s about enjoying the process, feeling free, and being unstoppable. Find ways to track progress by connecting with yourself. How you do something is much more important than what you do.

3. Don’t start working out because it is January.
Find your “why”. Why do you want to workout? Find something that makes you happy and chase happiness. Don’t get caught up in what others want you to do or be. If your “why” is “It is January 1st (new year, new me)” , when it becomes January 2nd, your “why” is gone.

Most popular piece of equipment at Jasper?
The Power Rack

Most popular fit outing among Jasper residents?
Kayak the Bay

Most rewarding part of your position?
Helping people achieve things they once thought was impossible for them.

Who is your favorite fitness “celebrity”?
My dog, Squishy.

Tell us more about your sidekick, Squishy.
Squishy is a very loyal and hungry best friend. She is a 9 year old rescue that has spent most of her life extremely overweight and is now in the best shape of her life! She is named after my favorite Disney character from Monsters University and loves belly rubs and hill sprints.

What services do you offer residents at Jasper.
Our team and I offer:
Personal Training
Body Assessments
A variety of group fitness classes (Bootcamps, Circuit classes, Yoga, etc.)
Fitness Socials (Bike the bridges, Kayak the Bay, Urban Hike, etc.)
Specialty Fitness Courses (Bodybuilding, Pilates, Yoga, Spartan Race Training, Fundamental Weight Training Concepts, etc.)
Educational Fitness Workshops (Posture, Core Training, Nutrition, Meal Prep, etc.)

Do you have a favorite client moment at Jasper?
Hearing that a client has eliminated back pain and knee pain from his life through training.

List 10 tips to begin a fit New Year in 2019:
1. Start easy
2. Don’t start in January
3. Be consistent
4. List out every reason why 2019 will be different than 2018
5. Find short term goals
6. Find long term goals
7. Don’t be discouraged with lack of progress
8. Learn from your mistakes
9. Be open-minded
10. Be on the lookout for inspiration

Just for Fun

Favorite lift: Deadlift

3 songs on my workout playlist:
1. A Drop in the Ocean – Ron Pope
2. I’ll Be – Edwin McCain
3. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

_______Squishy_______ is the new black.
________Squishy__________ inspires me.

Secret Indulgence:
Disney parks

The Royal Treatment
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