Wed / 10 October 2018

Treats within 1 mile of Jasper

Who says treats are only for the kids? Truffles, cheesecake, crème puffs, matcha and more! Mosey a mile or less from your Jasper home to these 7 shops to indulge in sweet treats this month.

Socola Chocolatier + Barista / 0.2 miles from Jasper
You can always find handcrafted artisanal confections with modern flavors and a fantastic taste of fun. Treat: Pumpkin Burnt Caramel Chocolate Truffles, with a rich blend of pumpkin pie spices, burnt caramel, Hawaiian sea salt and a splash of brandy.

Sue’s Kitchen Deco Sushi and Matcha Sweets / 0.2 miles from Jasper
Matcha! Sue’s serves colorful and tasty bite-sized sushi as well as home-style, house-made desserts including signature matcha sweets. Treat: Matcha tiramisu, made with matcha sourced exclusively from one of the most prestigious tea companies with more than 300 years of history in Kyoto, Japan.

Whole Cakes / 0.4 miles from Jasper
Delicious and healthy cakes made of quality organic ingredients supplied locally. Treat: Crepe layered cake. Twenty layers or so of delicate crepes with refreshing seasonal fruit to lighten up the flavor.

Steep Creamery & Tea / 0.5 miles from Jasper
This modern sweet shop serves coffee, tea, matcha and rolled ice cream with creative toppings. Treat: Cookie Crush Ice Cream Rolls, made with cookies and chocolate ice cream.

In Situ at SFMOMA / 0.6 miles from Jasper
Refined recipes replicate dishes by international chefs at SFMOMA’s sleek ground-floor restaurant. Treat: Jasper Hill Farm Cheesecake, made with white chocolate and covered in a sweet hazelnut shell served with tender little butter crisp cookies. Spread some on a cookie and prepare for complete bliss.

Beard Papa Sweets Cafe / 0.7 miles from Jasper
Known throughout the world for the freshest, flakiest, and most delicious cream puffs. Treat: Chocolate Éclair, topped with rich chocolate, which create a delightful taste when paired with cream fillings.

Humphry Slocombe / 0.9 miles from Jasper
Enter this bizarre, delicious, frozen universe housed in the Ferry Building. Treat: Secret Breakfast Ice Cream, made with bourbon and corn flake cookies. You can also try the recipe in your Jasper kitchen! 

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