Sun / 1 May 2016

Introducing #JasperChats

Our very first Jasper Chat with Doug Hendrickson took place on April 20th from 6pm to 7pm at The Lounge at Jasper. The Chat was moderated by Marcus Osborne, the on-air talent for Alice 97.3.

With more than 20 years of experience, Doug Hendrickson, a professional sports agent at Relativity Sports has represented more than 40 professional NFL football players including Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks), Marcus Peters (Kansas City Chiefs), Cameron Jordan (New Orleans Saints), and Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings). Doug has enjoyed an amazing career thus far working with some of the most renowned athletes and he prides himself for taking a different approach within his field. Instead of showering his clients with Cristal and trips to Vegas, Doug helps them start charity foundations and even attends their weddings. He truly cares about everyone he represents – not just about their current careers as professional athletes, but their lives after sports as well.  It was such a pleasure hearing directly from Doug about the Trufant Family Foundation, how he got started in the sports industry, his debut on “The League”, the scrutiny of the issues that many athletes face off the field, as well as all the funny and crazy behind the scenes stories with players.


Bill Ring (NFL veteran, former 49er and 2x Superbowl Champ) and Carlos Hyde (current 49er running back and one of Doug’s clients) were in attendance as well.


Carlos Hyde, RB for the San Francisco 49ers, at #JasperChats

Guests and residents had a great time and we hope this was the first of a series of monthly #JasperChats! We’re rounding up ideas for future discussion topics and would love to hear from you, our residents.

Topics we might explore include:


Optimizing Mobile Photography

Women in business

Running a business in the Bay Area

Navigating politics

The NFL as a business

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