Sat / 23 April 2016

May is Bike Month

Nothing quite compares to the joys of riding a bike.  We can all remember the day when our parents and family helped us take our first solo two-wheeled adventure.  It was fun, liberating and exhilarating all at the same time.  That love of pedaling never leaves us, as more and more adults rediscover what makes bicycling a fun pastime as well as a sustainable mode of transportation.

San Francisco is a spectacular place to live and explore so it is understandable why many are opting to take their bike for a spin on miles of city streets. If you ride or are considering taking up biking then join the fun as the entire city celebrates two-wheeled transit this coming month as May is Bike Month.

This year Bike To Work Day (#BTWD2016 ) is May 12th. Thousands of people will hop on bikes and pedal to the office in an effort to encourage two-wheeled transit. Grab your bike and join the crowd as we celebrate the 22 year milestone in style. In honor of BTWD, there will be many Energizer Stations where cyclist will enjoy high-fives and free stuff. Each station is providing free donated snacks and beverages, as well as convenient reusable tote bags for future commutes filled with goodies!

Operate safely. Bike Doctors will also be at 16 Energizer Stations to help you with basic bike maintenance – for free!  There are a few energizer stations around Jasper – Downtown station (7:30AM-2:00PM) is on Market at Battery, Embarcadero station (Morning Station 6:30-9:30am) at The Embarcadero: Ferry Building Southside and Central Market station (Evening Station 5:00-7:00pm) at Market and 4th.

San Francisco has some of the highest ridership rates in the country, and it should come as no surprise. The city offers a wide variety of routes with something for everyone.  Whether you’re looking for an afternoon cruise or a more intensive workout, there’s a route for you. Grab your bike, helmet and a few friends and try out these 5 city routes, courtesy of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.  They also have an excellent resources page, covering a wide variety of topics, for all your pedaling needs.

For those of you who don’t own a bike, don’t worry.  We have a few PUBLIC bikes for you when you live at Jasper.  Bike Share also offers you a chance to ride at many convenient locations.  The closest Bike Share station is at 2nd and Folsom.  Here is a complete map of all stations in the city.   If you find that you would like to explore more bicycling options, nearby Pacific Bicycle and Performance Bicycle are two shops that can handle all of your two-wheeled needs.

So strap on your helmet and get riding.  And remember, be safe out there.

Sincerely Yours
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