Mon / 3 February 2020

Local Love – The Bird

Image credit: The Bird on Facebook

Just a short (0.5 miles) walk from your home at Jasper, you’ll find one of the best fried chicken sandwiches in the Bay Area. 

The Bird, located at 115 Montgomery, is a popular San Francisco foodie spot offering fried chicken sandwiches with pickles and a brightly acidic slaw. Add a beer and curly fries to make it a happier meal.

Since opening, the sandwich shop has been drawing lines and selling out regularly, so maybe head to lunch a little earlier to catch this bird. 

So, what makes their signature fried chicken sandwich so special?  Each sandwich is made from free-range chicken with a special berbere spice blend to give the chicken that little something special.  Add the crunchy apple slaw (made fresh in house daily) and serve it up on a fresh bun and you have one delicious sandwich.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the recent news coverage of The Bird’s food:

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The yelpers are loving The Bird as well:

The chicken was very moist and loved the refreshing toppings include in the chicken sandwich. The loaded curly fries complemented the sandwich with the perfect amount of source cream and cheese on top. The real tasting sugary coke also helped the meal. Incredibly happy with our visit here!  – Marni M.

The best a chicken sandwich can get. The spicy chicken sandwich is bomb. The curly fries are a perfect side. The fresh coleslaw layer in the sandwich adds a nice texture. They have perfected the recipe for a good chicken sandwich. I work near Civic Center but always force my co-workers to take the train to come here for the bird :). Tip: Don’t let the huge lines scare you, it moves fast. – Keerthi C.

Come here and eat their bomb chicken sandwich.  I don’t think I need to write anymore, but overall it’s a perfect spot for a quick lunch. The line moves pretty quickly, and the food comes out fast. After paying, I sat at a table and my food was immediately ready to grab.  I got the Happier meal, which comes with curly fries, a beer, and a sandwich for $12 before tax, which is a great deal. I got the spicy chicken and it was delicious. The chicken in the sandwich is thick, well-seasoned, tender and juicy. It hits the right amount of spice without being overwhelming, and the breading adds a nice crispiness. The pickles and coleslaw in the sandwich complement the flavors nicely. The fries are pretty good, especially with their sriracha sauce.  Overall, a great meal. Would definitely recommend.  – Lanna T.

Check out all the details on their website, Facebook page, Instagram feed and Twitter stream.

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